Grace and God’s wisdom be multiplied in you, and may the Lord inspire and empower you as you read with understanding and sincerity to learn of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

A beautiful princess that grew up in a ghetto was chosen to marry the Prince of a very great kingdom. The Prince loved her and gave her a gold engagement ring as bond to their wedding. But considering her growth background, the King required her to obtain “Table License” and “Table Manners” before she qualifies to marry His Son, the Prince. The King summoned her into His presence at the palace of His throne.

And the King said to her:

“Princess, you will be married to the Prince the day you qualify to sit with Me at My Table before all My Dignitaries and VIPs. And to qualify, you must have My Table license and My Table manners. I will now assign to you one of My great Eunuchs to conduct you through the journey that would enable you find these things required at My Table.”

The Princess bowed herself and replied to His Majesty:

“You are gracious, our Father and King.”

Then the King assigned one of His great eunuchs to lead her. Soon as they were out of the palace room, they were mystically trans-located into a garden. The princess looked around the arena with unfamiliarity in her eyes.

Then she asked:

“Where are we and where has the King’s palace gone to?”

The Eunuch replied:

“We are in the King’s garden. This garden is an extension of the King’s palace, though you may not see the palace right now. We are still within the King’s court.”

The Princess inquired further:

          “So where do we find a table here to learn of table manners?”

The Eunuch clarified:

          “There are no literal tables here, but there are trees. The trees in this garden are tables raised by the King for those who dwell in His garden. Here the King’s foods are not kept on literal tables but on trees.”

The Princess scoffed:

          “Then it may be ‘tree manners,’ not just ‘table manners.’ May be I need to learn how to approach trees, how to get fruits from trees and how to eat them before the King’s VIPs. Do I need ‘monkey manners’ to be married to the Prince?”

The Eunuch redressed:

“May I kindly request you conduct yourself during these lessons, for His majesty sees and hears all that we do here or elsewhere.”

The Princess apologized, and the Eunuch proceeded:

“Well then, let’s begin. You were not brought here in this garden to just learn table manners but to also have table license. The same license that would qualify you to eat from every tree in this garden will qualify you to eat at the King’s table. The trees are different, and bear different fruits to the kingdom. One may have license to eat of one but not to eat of another higher tree. The license to eat of a lesser tree cannot give you the right to eat of a higher tree, but the license to eat of a higher tree will give you right to eat of a lesser tree. The highness of a tree in this garden is not determined by height or branches of the tree, but by the licensing right required to eat of the tree.”

The Princess asked:

“What will happen if I take the fruit of any tree and eat without license?”

The Eunuch replied:

“You would have breached the first and foremost manner of approach to table or tree, to eat without right. That would be a robbery. You don’t eat unless you have right or permission to eat. That is the first of all table manners.”

The Princess asked:

“How would I differentiate between the tree I am licensed to eat and the one I have no license to eat? Also how can I obtain the license of each tree here when I do not even know what it is all about?”

The Eunuch replied:

“When you approach any tree to eat, I would tell you about it. But better we start from the highest trees first, for the license for the highest tree in this garden covers license for all trees in this garden and also gives you license to the King’s table in His royal banquet.”

The Princess requested:

“Then kindly lead me to the highest tree at once.”

The Eunuch led her to the center or middle of the garden, where two trees stood out from the rest.

The Eunuch pointed:

“Here they are. These are the highest trees in this garden. The higher tree by the right is called the “Tree of Life” and the other one by the left is called the “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.”

The Princess probed:

“Then let me begin with the left tree. What would happen if I eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil with or without license? Just tell me everything about it.”

The Eunuch explained:

“You do not have the license to eat of this tree of knowing good and evil. If you eat of this tree, you shall die; but you shall also be enlightened by the tree to become wiser for the tree will open your eyes to know good and evil.”

The Princess protested:

“Why would I die if the tree would make me wise and open my eyes to knowledge? Obviously it’s a beautiful tree and harmless, and by my look of things the fruits are good for food.”

The Eunuch revealed:

“The reason you would die if you eat of it is because you do not yet have the license to handle the food from that tree. That license is your capacity to handle the exposition or revelations coming from that tree. The tree is not just meant to expose things to you, but to expose you to things. And as it is now, you are still naked and would not want your nakedness exposed by the fruit of this tree. It’s for your nakedness and vulnerability that you do not yet have the license to eat of this tree without receiving a deadly wound for of it. However, when you are fully covered and well-armed, you would then be able to handle this tree of knowledge of good and evil. Therefore, the clothing and covering to your nakedness, shame and weakness, is the license to eat of this particular tree.”

The Princess was stunned but asked:

“What do you mean I am naked?”

The Eunuch exposed:

“You do not yet have the awareness of how naked you are because you’ve not yet tasted of this tree. When this tree exposes your nakedness to your eyes, even the presence of the King would terrify you. The effect would expose the weakness of your condition and inadequacies before your eyes to all around; and therefore, make you want to hide from the King or the Prince for fear or shame.

“The tree would expose you to fear and shame in the King's presence, and that results in insecurity. You would then begin to attack and push blames on others for your mistakes and falls because you would be insecure and self-centered. And when you begin to attack others they may also begin to attack you, leading to conflict and enmity. The unlicensed knowledge of this tree would do you good with evil or evil with good; therefore avoid it.”

The Princess’ voice was incredulous:

“I am yet to come to terms with the fact that I am naked as I am under this covering on me. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

The Eunuch prefigured:

“Supposing you were to be in the wedding of the Prince with this attire or with any other cloth presently known to you: The King would approach you and question you in the audience of all His guests, saying, “How did you come in here without wearing a wedding garment?” And if you remain speechless or oblivion, He may instruct His guards to bind you up and throw you out into outer darkness; and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Surely, you don’t want that.”

The Princess acceded:

“Then how would I get my eyes opened to see that, which I am unable to see now concerning the state of my nakedness? What other way apart from going through this tree of knowledge, which I am not licensed to eat?”

The Eunuch counseled:

“There is better way to go about this; and that is through the Prince. Get to the Prince and buy “Eye-salve” that you may anoint your eyes to see, buy royal gold that you may be rich, and white clothing that you may be clothed and the shame of your nakedness would not be exposed any longer.”

The Princess blurted:

“Did I just hear you say I should buy from the Prince, who is my husband to be?”

The Eunuch insisted:

“Yes. Only the Prince can offer these things I mentioned. They are the things that would give you the license to eat of this tree of knowledge of good and evil because with them there would be no weakness or shame this tree can expose you to; neither will there be any danger this tree can expose you to. Only the Prince can truly open your eyes with love, cover your nakedness and ornament you with royal gold in beauty and richness.”

The Princess decided:

“Now I have all I needed to know about the license to this tree of knowledge of good and evil. What is most important to me is the license to the highest tree in this garden, which is the tree of life. Now tell me all about it.” [She said as she walked towards the tree of life]. “What would happen if I take fruit from this tree and eat with or without license?”

The Eunuch obliged her:

“If you can, just take the fruit and eat.”

The Princess retorted:

“But I cannot find any fruit on the tree.”

[As she kept searching for any fruit on the tree]

The Eunuch explained:

“You cannot eat of this tree because you cannot even see the fruits in the tree. The day you begin to see the fruit of the tree of life and touch its fruit is the day you acquire the license to eat of its fruit. The license to eat of the tree of life is the ability to see and touch its fruit. And when you eat of the fruit of the tree of life, you shall live forever.” 

“However, if you eat of this tree of life with the motive of fear, hatred or shame, it will have bad effect on you. Only in love or righteousness can one eat of this tree properly and it would yield living forever in goodness and peace in him. Anyone who is afflicted under the influence of the tree of knowledge of good and evil should not eat of the tree of life lest he or she lives forever in such poor condition. It is the fruit of righteousness that yields the tree of life. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life.”

The Princess entreated:

“How can I see the fruits in this tree?”

The Eunuch revealed:

“Keep the King’s commandment and righteousness. His Commandment is pure, and it enlightens the eyes, which enables the eyes to see the fruit of the tree of life. Keeping His commandment gives you the right to the tree of life, right to every other tree in this garden, right to enter into the King’s city and right to sit at His table, which is your table license. No one that breaks the King’s commandment can see or access the fruit in this tree.”

The Princess asked:

“What is the King’s commandment?”

The Eunuch replied:

“The King’s commandment is to love: Love the King and Love the Prince more than you love yourself.”

The Princess vouched:

“I love the King and I love the Prince with all my heart. I would keep this commandment because I love Him and the royal household.”

The Eunuch responded:

“That remains to be proven. You are about to be tried in the wilderness with hunger.”


After the Eunuch said that, the Princess was suddenly trans-located into a desert. The Eunuch was not with her. As she stood alone gazing around, she wondered what happened to her and where she was. Suddenly the wind of experience blew hunger into her, and she was drain with thirst. She then began to be in need of food and drink. She saw a dusty chalet in a distance, and walked towards it, heading eastward. By the time she reached the chalet she was exhausted and her feet were sand-burnt. She severely began to need water drink and food to regain her composure. A woman was at the backside of the chalet. She just made her tasty food with firewood, dished out for herself to eat, when the Princess arrived and saluted.

The Princess greeted:

“Peace be to this home. Please kindly help a dying soul with some food and water.”

The woman turned around to behold her with apprehension.

The woman interrogated:

“Who are you? What business do you have in these lands? Where is your horse or camel? Where are your companions in your journey? How did you escape the desert robbers?”

The Princess pleaded:

“My Lady, I neither know how I got here nor where I am. I only know that I am critically in need of food and drink. I'm about to faint.”

The Woman trafficked:

“I don't share free food and drink here. If you want my food or drink you must buy them.”

The Princess replied:

“But I have no money with me. Please help me, even with little.”

The Woman bargained:

“How can you say you have no money with you when you have gold around your finger? Give me the gold ring around your finger and I will give you all the food you want.”

The Princess objected:

“But this is my engagement ring to the Prince. Should I sell out my engagement to the Prince for a piece of food?”

The Woman cunningly devised:

“Well you would not need the ring anymore here because you are obviously lost in this desert, and no Prince is in this desert to marry you. So put your ring into good use, and when you survive to make it back to where you came from, you could then explain what happened to the Prince and He would give you better ring than this. You may say that you were robbed.”

The Princess resolved:

“I would rather die than sell off my engagement or relationship to the Prince. I will never trade off my birthright for food. So you can keep your food. Man must not live by food alone, but by the King's commandment.”

The Woman blurted:

“Then be-gone from my home, already!”

The Princess continued to walk in the same direction she faced, eastward. It got darker as the evening faded into nightfall. The Princess was sad, disappointed by the woman's hardness; and yet she was happy for her stance. She neither knew where she headed nor where to turn, but she wanted to walk far away from that chalet and from that woman.

After a while of struggling to walk, the Princess came under an apple tree and sat under it. As the desert's hot breeze gradually turned into cold breeze, she fell asleep under the apple tree.

Under the apple tree laid the lonely princess in cold and deep hunger that was stricken with exhaustion in an unfamiliar desert. Yet she thought neither of food nor even of her situation, but of her love for the Prince. The hope of her marriage to the Prince was enough to keep her going. She would never give up her engagement or her commitment to the Prince, who is the love of her soul. The love of the Prince was better than bread and wine to the Princess.

While she thought on these things, she began to hear a sweet soul captivation song coming through the tree. The voice of the beauty song was so refreshing, and it moved with the surrounding wind of the tree in rhythm, saying:

“As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under His shadow with great delight, and His fruit was sweet to my taste. He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me is love. Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love”

(Song of Solomon 2:3-5).

Suddenly she was caught up by dream into the Banquet hall within the King’s palace. No guest was there yet except the Prince and Princess. The whole tables were regally furnished already with all kinds of kingly foods and drinks. The Prince bid her sit in her Bride’s seat and He sat in the Groom’s seat at her right hand side. He fed her with His food and drinks. There was no need to wait for the season of fig-fruits when the Princess was dearly in need of food and comfort of the Prince. “My hour has not yet come” but the Lord turned water into wine when He saw the obedience with need of His subjects. Even so, the Prince fed His Princess with part of the Wedding dinner.

Then the Prince took the Princess to the maidens to wash the Princess with cleansing and refreshing water. The Prince also gave her white clothing with which she was to be clothed and have her nakedness covered. When she returned to the Prince from the dressing room, she was radiantly cleansed and dressed in white. Then the Prince arose to anoint her with His oil upon her head. When He anointed her, the oil flowed down her face; the oil entered her eyes and ears. There was healing and restoration. Then her eyes were enlightened, unveiled and had more penetrating powers to penetrate deeper through any barrier to see those things that were hidden or covered. She also began to hear louder and perceive further into what people say in their heart even without any utterance or outspoken voice.

Then the Prince also kissed her with kisses of His lips, and said to her:

“You had little strength but you kept My engagement ring, and had not denied My love. Behold, I have opened a door to you, which no man can shut. And because you have kept your love and engagements for me with all patience, I will also keep you at the hour of temptation. I will make everyone to know that I love you.”

Suddenly, the Princess felt someone tapped her shoulder, and she opened her eyes. She saw it was the Eunuch that tapped her, and she was no more in her dream.

The Princess blurted:

“You just interrupted my lovely moments with my Prince. Oh He was so sweet to my soul and charming to my heart. He was still showing how much He loves me when you tapped; and His voice that moment was the sweetest thing I ever heard. Unfortunately, I had no chance to tell Him how I also love Him and how much I am ready to open everything I have to Him alone to enter and possess me.”

The Eunuch apologized:

“I did not intend to cut off the re-union you had, and I am sorry I did. Yet I needed to tap you and awaken you because you have been lying under this tree long enough, and we have short time to get you fully prepared for the Banquet soon to commence. The Prince is fully aware of your love and desire for Him, I promise you.”

Then the Princess recalled she laid down under the apple tree in the desert before her experience. But on her waked, she found herself laid under the tree of life in the garden where she was with the Eunuch.

The Princess inquired:

“I‘m pretty sure I laid under the apple tree in the desert. How was I transferred from under the apple tree in the middle of nowhere to being under the tree of life in this garden?”

The Eunuch explained:

“You were under both, for the tree of life in this garden was the apple tree in that desert. As you could see, the apple tree was the only tree that survived and prospered in that desert of dryness and hunger. You also heard songs under that tree though you saw no song-bird and no musical instrument. The tree was a living tree because it was alive and had attributes of a person.”

The Princess balked:

“But the tree of life here does not look like the apple tree I saw in the desert. Though it was dark when I arrived at the tree, and I did not notice much of its features.”

The Eunuch clarified:

“Yes, the tree of life bears 12 manners of fruits. It could therefore assume 12 manners of trees in form. Each month in a year, the tree of life takes up the form of the tree that bears life-giving fruits in that month. By so doing, the tree of life constantly remains with fresh and ripe fruits in all seasons of the year. You can never find the tree of life without fruit, unless you do not have eye to see it or could not reach its fruit.”

The Princess regretted:

“So there were fruits in that apple tree while I almost fainted in hunger. How blind I was to see the fruits around me. I missed. I laid in the house of the King, at the gate of His palace, which is under this tree; but I missed to know and see all that I should have seen.”

The Eunuch Consoled:

“You did not miss entirely because if you had eaten of the fruits and were refreshed, there would have been no need for the Prince to still feed you with the food in the Banquet hall when the wedding was yet to begin. The tree of life would have supplied your nutrients, but I am sure you were glad how it happened between you and the Prince whom you love.”

The Princess celebrated:

“It was an excellent experience, and I would give all I have to still have another of such moments with the Prince of my love. He opened my eyes and now I can see things I couldn’t see before, and hear those things I couldn’t hear. I can now see the fruits of this tree of life, which I could not see before. Now is the time to eat of the fruit I wanted to eat but could not when I could neither see nor reach for it before.”

[She said that and went on to grab a fruit of the tree of life.]

The Eunuch dissuaded:

“That wouldn’t be necessary at this time.”

The Princess protested:

“Why not? You said if I could eat of this tree I should go ahead and eat because the ability to see and touch its fruit is the license to eat of the tree of life.”

The Eunuch accounted:

“Well by then you were yet to have the license and you were yet to eat of the Banquet food. Now that the Prince had fed you already, there is no need for you to add the fruit of the tree of life just to satisfy your appetite. The fruits of this tree are for those who hunger and thirst, not for those who are already full. The fruit is to be eaten in love, righteousness and hunger, for it to maximize its grace in the eater. Your soul is satisfied, so don’t give the Prince impression that the food He fed you with was not enough for you. The Son of the King can feed you with food that would endure forever because He is sealed of the Father.”

The Princess admitted:

“I will not then. Thank you for that. But can I take few of these fruits from this tree along as we leave, that I might eat them later when I am hungry?”

The Eunuch corrected:

“Not at all, for that would be an inapt table manner. You should always remember this tree is also the King’s table, and everything you do by this tree is shown in the King’s presence. It would be unwise to take extra food in your hand out of the King’s table after you’ve dined and filled your belly and your heart. You must not be greedy with the food on the King’s table, for you can never finish the food on the King’s table. So just eat as much as you can at the table, but don’t consider taking extra or leftover food with you out of the King’s table when you depart. Unless you intend to take the extra or leftover to those who are hungry and who are in most need of it. But even at that, a man cannot eat of the tree of life or of the King’s table simply because he is hungry or needs the food, but he must have the license or right to eat of them despite his hunger.”

The Princess added:

“Then it must be for those who hunger but have the right to eat thereof.”

The Eunuch continued:

“When a man is rightfully hungry, one fruit from the tree of life will satisfy him; but if a man is greedy, ten fruits of the tree of life will not satisfy him. It must be in selfless love, not in greedy lust or fear.” 

The Princess desired:

“But can I return to this tree when I am hungry?”

The Eunuch assured:

“You would not need to return to this tree because this tree would always be with you for the Prince is always with you, just as you saw in the desert. The Prince brings the tree of life.”

As the Princess turned to leave the tree of life, the fruit she had grabbed on the tree but did not pluck out fell to the ground after her. Then she turned again to pick the fruit that had fallen.

The Eunuch taught:

“Another table manner you need to learn is that you should not pick any crumb that fell from the master’s table to eat. You are to ensure you do not cast the King’s food to the ground, but also do not try to pick food from the ground for whatever reason especially because you are now the Princess and would soon be bride to the greatest Prince in this kingdom. You only eat from the King’s table, not from the King’s floor.”

The Princess breathed a breath of relief, and relaxed wanting to get all the lessons on table manners from the Eunuch.

The Princess cooed:

“What other lessons must I learn on keeping the King’s table manners?”

The Eunuch lectured:

“Always look at the faces of those you sit with at the King’s table, and show them more concern and care than you should show the food on the table. It is always a love feast at the King’s table. So do not just concentrate on your food and forget the Celebrant or the Prince or even those with you on the table. While you eat, listen and give attendance to others. Do not be in haste, not in a hurry. You may be hungry, but ensure you eat out of love and not out of hunger. Do not be greedy or stingy at the King’s table.”

The Princess surveyed:

“I understand all you have taught me. But are all these table manners just for the King’s table or for general tables?”

The Eunuch instructed:

“They are applicable at any table you sit at, provided you remain the royal Princess. Another thing you need to know about table manners as the Princess, though not necessary at the King’s table, is you must never eat from the table of the King’s enemies or table of devils after you eat at the King’s table. For the King could be provoked to jealousy. You must therefore, avoid food offered to the devils and do not eat at the table of those opposed to the King.”

The Princess accentuated:

“Yes, I understand. But I learnt the Prince prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. The table would be before us and before our enemies. Does He intend for us to eat with the enemies on the same table?”

The Eunuch enjoined:

“Better enemies eat at your table, than for you to eat at the enemies table. The King intends to use the table He prepares before us to attract our enemies to join at the royal table. It’s the Prince’s invitation to our enemies through us. Therefore, if your enemy hungers, feed him; and if the enemy thirsts, give drinks to the enemy. You must not sit at the table of the Prince with hatred or resentment even against your enemy. And He will indeed set the table before you while you face your enemy so that you would learn to love your enemy. Otherwise if you still bear grudges against your enemy at the table of the Prince it would be counted as bad table manners before the King.

“Love is the greatest of all table manners at King’s table. You must therefore love your enemies, for the Prince would prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies to reveal His love in you before them.”

The Princess appreciated:

“Wow! I am so grateful for all these experiences and lessons. Thank you.”

The Eunuch centralized:

“The King’s heart is Love. All about the manners at the King’s table are true Love and Honor. Anyone who sits with the King at His table must be honorable and should be lovable. Everyone that sits at the King’s table celebrates whatever the King celebrates, and honours whomever the King honours.” 

The Princess confessed:

“Think I am called to sit in honor with the Prince at His table?”

The Eunuch accented:

“You are. Others too were called to sit in honor with the King at his table. Therefore, it is important to hold these table manners when you enter the Banquet hall.”

And he added,

“Moreover, when you are invited or called to a royal feast or table, be careful where you sit. Ensure you sit at your own seat because every special seat at the King’s table is reserved for special guest of honor according to the King’s honor. Do not assume you are the most honorable person in any feast, for there may be someone more honorable than you. And if you are made to stand up from a seat for a more honorable person than you, you lose your honor in the presence of the guests. So it is better to take a lower seat, and then have the host exalt you to a higher seat in the presence of the guests.”

Then he concluded,

“Now we are done with the lessons, and we must now return because the King expects us back right now.”

Then the Eunuch led the Princess back through the way they came from, and they returned into the King’s palace.


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